The Carrau family’s winemaking tradition began in the region of Catalonia, Spain in 1752. Don Francisco Carrau Vehils, a fisherman from Vilasar de Mar, acquired the family’s first vineyard on April 2 of that year, according to an original document from a Notary Public of Barcelona kept in the family museum.
Since then, the Carrau family has been part of a small group of families in the world that have dedicated themselves, silently and relentlessly, to the development of a tradition, currently representing ten uninterrupted generations of winemakers.


One of the oldest wineries in the country, built in 1887 and recovered by the Carrau family.
Its colonial house and the beautiful park and vineyard, make it an ideal place to discover some of the best wines in South America, just minutes from downtown Montevideo.

Guided tours with prior reservation Monday through Friday at 10 am or 2 pm.

Inquire about group lunches (10 guests or more), with prior reservation Monday through Friday.

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Bodegas Carrau opens its doors to companies that want to hold events, seminars, lunches or dinners with their clients or employees.



In a quiet and cozy place just 18 kms from downtown Montevideo.


April 2, 1752 Don Francisco Carrau Vehils acquires the family's first vineyard in Catalonia.

The centuries-old tradition of a family in a scenery that day by day strengthens the growth of rising Uruguayan fine wines. The presence of the Carrau family is an inexcusable fact of this process within the framework of a long history that began in Catalonia.

Bodegas Carrau sets constant quality as primary goal. Noble crafts are usually found in the family tradition within the repeated practice passed from father to son. From grandparents to grandchildren a long path of perfection would one day be fulfilled in the ancient means of trade.

Some of that still exists in the realm of self-respecting winemakers. That is why the Carrau Family still conserves as a precious document one that states that on April 2, 1752 Don Francisco Carrau Vehils acquired the family’s first vineyard in Catalonia.

On February 6, 1783, the notary certified that this was the case and that the vineyard is in Vilasar de Mar. Today incorporated into the area of Barcelona.

In 1840 Juan Carrau Ferrés dedicated himself to the wine business. The books in his cellar are closely guarded by his current heirs. His grandson Juan Carrau Sust, graduated as a winemaker in Villa Franca del Penades, fulfils the move, rather a true relocation of the family to Uruguay.

Juan Carrau Sust arrives with his wife Catalina Pujol and five children, including Juan Francisco Carrau Pujol.

Carrau Sust joined the founding of Santa Rosa Winery between 1930 and 1940.

The winery grows with technology provided by the Catalan winemaker who also introduces the Champenoise method and other special wines to Uruguay.

In 1976 Bodegas Carrau founded a project of great ambition for which we imported vines free of viruses of clonal selection with revolutionary criteria for that time. The ongoing project is declared of national interest in November 1977 since, among other reasons, the purpose was to export and make Uruguayan wines well known in the international market.

The importance of this undertaking justifies it being considered the starting point of a new stage in Viticulture. The new company acquires Pablo Varzi’s winery, which was founded in 1887 and is part of the Italian contribution to the history of Uruguayan wine.



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